National Council wants Corona aid for print media until end of 2022

Subscribed daily and weekly regional and local newspapers with a circulation of up to 40,000 copies in Swiss Post's daily channel are to be delivered free of charge until the end of 2022. This is what the National Council is demanding with a motion.

NationalratThis had been decided by the Commission for Transport and Telecommunications (KVF-N). The large chamber accepted the proposal on Wednesday with 97 to 89 votes. The Council of States will deal with it next.

The economic situation of the media has been difficult for some time. The pandemic has further exacerbated the situation. The federal government offered financial assistance until the end of 2021. If the National Council has its way, this support for the print media should also apply for 2022. This support would only apply to companies where no dividends are paid out in the 2022 financial year.

Federal Council sees no urgency

The majority argued that the situation would remain difficult in 2022. The pandemic still had a strong impact on costs and advertising budgets in the first months of the year, said commission spokesman Marco Romano (center/TI). All the conditions are therefore in place to extend Corona aid until the end of 2022, he added.

A minority spoke against the commission motion with reference to the vote on February 13. After the clear No of the voters to the package of measures in favor of the media, it was not the moment to talk about further support measures, said Christian Wasserfallen (FDP/BE).

Media Minister Simonetta Sommaruga claimed that the new measures would be decided before the effective impact of the pandemic on the economic situation of the print media for 2022 was known. She said the current situation did not justify urgent action. (sda.)

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