Swiss Press Council also affected by No to media package

The Swiss voters' "No" to the media subsidy package on February 13 also has direct consequences for the Swiss Press Council. It is now necessary to clarify which services can still be offered, the Press Council announced on Thursday.

Medienpaket betroffen

In the future, however, it will hardly be possible "to provide the free service to the same extent as before. Furthermore, additional funds must now be raised "so that the Press Council remains capable of acting and can actively address new issues and challenges," the statement continues.

The media package would have provided the Press Council with important financial support from the federal government. According to the Press Council, the number of complaints submitted has more than doubled in recent years. This is because "anyone can file a complaint with the Press Council if he or she believes that a media report violates the journalist's code."

The Foundation Board, which is responsible for financing the Press Council, must now define measures for the future, the statement continues. The Press Council intends to provide information on the measures taken soon. (SDA)

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