Media Initiative: Yes Committee "Freedom of Expression" Launches Campaign Video

Media are not always nice, but always important: The YES committee "Freedom of Expression" for the upcoming vote on the package of measures in favor of the media launches a new campaign video.

As a parliamentarian, you are not always laid out on flowers, even in this country, writes the committee in a statement on Wednesday. The Swiss media landscape can be mercilessly critical - and that is a good thing. The media are the public watchdog and the fourth estate in Swiss democracy.

An entertaining campaign video by the supporters of the media package aims to show that Swiss media are not always nice, but always important. Based on the established YouTube format #MeanTweets, SP National Councilor Jacqueline Badran, Center National Councilor Martin Candinas, SP National Councilor Jon Pult, Green National Councilor Lisa Mazzone and FDP National Councilor Kurt Fluri read and comment on critical media articles about themselves. And thus show that the Swiss media take their independent role seriously and keep a close eye on the powerful in the country.

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