Half an hour of regional information daily with local media

Most licensed local radio stations and regional television stations broadcast at least 30 minutes of regional information every day. This is shown by programme analyses carried out on behalf of the Federal Office of Communications Bakom.

The majority of the requirements that have been in force since the beginning of 2020 are thus fulfilled, as Bakom announced with regard to the first review on Thursday. If a private radio station wants to obtain a licence, it must undertake to broadcast at least half an hour of regional information daily during prime time. In the case of regional television, 150 minutes of regional information per week during prime time is a prerequisite for a licence.

Relevant regional information services are information on politics, the economy, society, culture and sport, provided that the topic takes place or has an impact in the concession area.

According to Bakom, many radio stations offer their audience far more than the required minimum of 30 minutes of regional information daily during the defined peak broadcasting time of eight and a half hours. Five radio stations in French-speaking Switzerland broadcast the most regional information, four of which are co-financed from the radio and television levy.

However, ten of the 30 radio stations measured do not yet meet the requirement according to the programme analysis, as Bakom continues to write. Of the 13 licensed regional television stations, 11 stations meet the requirements, including all the stations in French-speaking and Italian-speaking Switzerland as well as the bilingual region of Biel/Bienne.

Broadcasters who do not broadcast enough regional information will be given the opportunity to comment on the results of their programme and to discuss their programme performance with Bakom, the authority writes. The aim is to ensure that the population in these areas is also provided with sufficient regional information services from next year. Sanctions are not envisaged.

The full program analysis report is expected to be published in September 2021. (SDA)

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