Council of States follows National Council on last difference

The Council of States on Tuesday followed the National Council on the last difference regarding future media subsidies in Switzerland. With regard to the fee shares for licensed private broadcasters, it agreed to a range of 6 to 8 percent. The National Council will decide on this on Wednesday.

However, the approval of the large chamber is a formality, as the Council of States followed the solution of the National Council on this issue on Tuesday by 31 votes to 6 with 2 abstentions. Until now, the Council of States had insisted on a fee share of at least 8 percent.

After tough wrangling, future media funding is thus as good as under wraps. Over seven years, the media in Switzerland will receive CHF 120 million more in direct and indirect funding than before.

No further restrictions will be imposed on the SRG's online sector. With regard to the time limit for the entire package, the National Council had followed the compromise proposal of the Council of States. It is to apply for seven years from the date of entry into force. After four years, the effects of the interventions are to be evaluated.

The package includes amendments to the Postal Act, the Federal Radio and Television Act and a new federal law on the promotion of online media. The new provisions are expected to come into force in 2023 at the earliest, around a year later than originally planned.

However, the final say on the expansion of media funding will presumably come from the electorate. The "Friends of the Constitution" association in particular is considering a referendum against the bill. The association believes that the independence of the media is being called into question if state support continues to increase. (SDA)

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