Council of States commission wants more money from Netflix and Co.

The Cultural Commission of the Council of States (WBK-S) wants to oblige foreign streaming services such as Netflix and foreign TV stations with Swiss advertising windows to invest 4 percent of their gross revenues in Swiss filmmaking. In doing so, it is following the Federal Council.


The government wants to strengthen Swiss film with an amendment to the Film Act. The National Council agreed in principle, but reduced the quota proposed by the Federal Council from 4 to 1 percent.

The majority of the WBK-S wants to follow the Federal Council, as the parliamentary services announced on Tuesday. The decision was made by 8 votes to 4 with one abstention. A minority proposes to set the tax rate at 2 percent.

The WBK-S also unanimously opposes the National Council's decision to exempt companies that operate networks or invest in networks from the obligation to invest in filmmaking. The Council of States committee has not yet completed detailed deliberations on the film law.

The Federal Council's bill also provides for the introduction of a quota for European films. As in the EU, 30 percent of the film catalog of video platforms is to be reserved for European films. (SDA)

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