Protective film of the UFA-Revue new with 70 percent recycled content

UFA-Revue now uses a protective film with at least 70 percent recycled content. This saves the agricultural trade magazine 1.54 tons of new plastic per year.


Thomas Keller, Managing Director of pmc AG (left) and Markus Röösli, Editorial and Publishing Director of UFA-Revue (right), present the October issue of UFA-Revue, packaged in film with 70 percent recycled content. (Picture: Hans Weber)


Together with the printing company PMC, a company of the Schellenberg Group, those responsible for the UFA-Revue have found a more ecological variant for the packaging. Starting with the latest October issue, the protective film of UFA-Revue has a recycled content of at least 70 percent. With this step, the trade magazine is one of the first print titles in Switzerland with such a high proportion of recycled plastic. The monthly title, which has a circulation of over 72,000 copies, saves around 1.54 tonnes of new plastic per year, which corresponds to a saving of almost five tonnes of CO2. 


Recycled plastic improves the eco-balance

The recycling of plastic is generally more environmentally friendly and less raw materials such as crude oil are used. This conserves natural resources and helps to save CO2. This is also confirmed by packaging expert Roland Hischier from the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research (Empa) in St. Gallen: "The higher the recycled content of plastic packaging, the better the eco-balance. Paper envelopes are not an alternative, because their eco-balance is clearly worse due to their significantly higher weight.

The protective film therefore remains the number one method for the safe dispatch of magazines in terms of handling and environmental balance. And with the waste film content of 70 percent, even more so. "The topic of sustainability is central to agriculture and therefore also important editorially," says Markus Röösli, publishing and editorial director of UFA-Revue. "By increasing the recycled content of the protective film, we are now not merely reporting on sustainable topics, but making an active contribution to resource conservation," Röösli continues. In addition, the film is 100 percent recyclable and can thus be returned to the plastic cycle.


Great demand for sustainable packaging solutions

The new type of protective film was introduced in cooperation with the printing company PMC. Thomas Keller, Managing Director of the print shop, notices a general rethinking among customers. The desire for more sustainable solutions is increasingly an issue, he says. "After the kick-off with the UFA-Revue, we will completely convert our film warehouse to ECO recycled film with 70 percent recycled waste film and thus use this film as standard." In total, this will save the print shop up to 50 tons of new plastic, which equates to a saving of up to 160 tons of CO2.

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