How the user base differs between Android and iOS

The basic study on internet usage "MA Net" published by Wemf shows for the first time which operating systems are used for smartphones in Switzerland. There are clear differences in the usage profiles of the various systems.

MA Net enables evaluations of the distribution and intensity of use of the Internet in Switzerland. The usage data can be cross-referenced with various socio-demographic and geographical data. The 2024-1 edition is the first to show which operating system the respondents use on their smartphones to surf the internet. The two operating systems Android and iOS dominate with a total share of over 96%.

There are clear differences between the profiles of iOS and Android users. For example, iOS has a slightly above-average prevalence in cities and adjacent conurbations. In rural areas, on the other hand, the Android operating system is more popular. Socio-demographic characteristics, particularly in the areas of employment and education, also have an influence on operating system preferences. For example, executives in upper or middle management and people with a higher level of education are more likely than average to use iOS as their operating system. In contrast, the gender or age of the respondents in the study had less influence on the preferred operating system.

In addition to socio-demographic characteristics, interest profiles of the user base can also be identified. People who use iOS have an above-average interest in fashion and cosmetics, as well as financial investments and stock markets. In contrast, Android users show a greater interest in science and technology.

The MA Net surveys the overall prevalence of the Internet and its intensity of use. The Swiss and Liechtenstein resident populations aged 14 and over are analyzed. The Wemf study is published twice a year.

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