Mediapulse online campaign research: But no commitment from publishers

The online campaign research conceptualized by Mediapulse on behalf of the Swiss publishers will not be implemented for the time being. After the successful development of the project basis, no long-term commitment could be achieved on the part of the publishers, which came as a "surprise" to Mediapulse.

Image: Austin Distel; Unsplash.

Online campaign research, which was to provide the Swiss advertising market with uniform performance values for digital advertising campaigns from 2024, will not be implemented until further notice. After a two-year conception phase, the media providers involved currently do not see themselves in a position to make a long-term and binding commitment to this research, Mediapulse announces.

The plan was for the campaign research to be technically and methodologically based on the ongoing online content research, with which Mediapulse has already been providing traffic and usage data for websites and apps since summer 2021. The long-term and binding commitment on the part of the publishers had been indispensable for Mediapulse, because the main investments for setting up the necessary measurement system would have had to be borne by the market and the contracts with the research service providers would have been binding for several years.

Development surprising for Mediapulse

Since the online campaign research was conceived on behalf of the Swiss publishers and explicitly supported by the advertising clients, the agencies and a majority of the publishers, this development came as a surprise to Mediapulse, according to the statement. The planning was preceded by an intensive exchange between all participating parties, thanks to which a broad consensus could be found on the common research vision, the cost framework and the methodological design.

"As an association representing the interests of advertisers, we very much regret that the planned independent reach measurement of online campaigns will now not materialize. This would have been a milestone of great importance for the Swiss digital market. Now, clients and agencies will have to continue to manage without this data," says Roland Ehrler, Director of the Swiss Advertisers Association (SWA).

"We remain convinced of the potential and feasibility of online campaign research and observe that the corresponding demand is also increasing in many foreign markets. We regret the decision of the Swiss publishers, but accept that such research is only feasible if all market participants are convinced of it and confirm this with a resilient contractual safeguard," says Tanja Hackenbruch, CEO of Mediapulse.

The halt to the new campaign research would also be accompanied by a dismantling of the structures set up for this purpose at Mediapulse. All of Mediapulse's other innovation projects in radio, TV and online research are not affected by this and will be driven forward and implemented as planned.

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