MA Net: Internet usage by over-65s up significantly

Wemf's MA Net 2023-2 shows that 93.9 percent of the Swiss population aged 14 and over are online. More and more retirees are surfing the Internet. The most popular device for Internet use is the smartphone.

Symbol image; Đức Trịnh on Unsplash.

In Switzerland, 93.9 percent of the population aged 14 and over are now online. That is a good seven percentage points more than ten years ago. The over-65s made a significant contribution to this growth: Of them, 77.6 percent are active on the Internet. These are the findings of the latest edition of the basic study on Internet use, MA Net.

The study enables evaluations of the penetration and usage intensity of the Internet in Switzerland. The usage data can be cross-referenced with various sociodemographic and geographic data. The latest figures show that the proportion of Internet users has risen steadily in recent years: in 2013, 86.7 percent of the Swiss population aged 14 and over used the Internet, compared with 93.9 percent today. Internet use has increased significantly among the over-65s in particular. In 2023, 77.6 percent of retirees will be active on the Internet. Two years ago, the figure was just 72.5 percent.

At 93.6 percent, the most popular device for surfing is the smartphone, according to Wemf. A gender comparison showed that overall, more men used the Internet than women. Meanwhile, women caught up and their use increased from 90.4 percent two years ago to 92 percent in 2023. After the smartphone, the laptop or notebook ranks with 75.4 in the ranking of devices used. 50.2 percent use a tablet for surfing.

In addition to overall Internet usage intensity, MA Net also provides information on Internet usage by location and device. As of this year, usage via smartwatch and game console is also reported for the first time. Another innovation concerns the definition of the population (universe), which has been slightly adjusted. As of publication 2023-2 of MA Net, the population group of non-language-assimilated persons is included in the universe. The purpose of this adjustment is to harmonize the MACH universe with that of other Swiss currency studies, making intermedia comparisons easier and fairer. (jg/ SDA)

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