Social media study: usage in a generation check

For the 14th time, Xeit launches the big social media survey and provides specific usage data for individual generations - from Boomers to Generations X and Y to GenZ.

How does the Boomer generation use social media compared to the GenZ? The current edition of the Social Media Study provides interesting answers to this question with its comprehensive Generation Check. This year, the survey specifically compares the social media use of the different generations - from Boomers to Generations X and Y to GenZ - and unearths exciting differences.

The most obvious difference between the oldest and the youngest can be seen in platform use: Facebook, the oldest of the social networks, is still very popular with Boomers, while only just 1 percent of GenZers stated in the survey that they spend the most time using social media on Facebook. On the other hand, GenZ like to spend time on Tiktok, while Boomers search there almost in vain. The differences are similarly large on Instagram: Nearly 40 percent of young people spend the most time on this platform, while - as expected - not even one in ten Boomers do. Excitingly, among the generations in between (X and Y), Instagram is the big winner this year - along with Linkedin and YouTube.

The video portal YouTube is the platform that is able to unite the generations: The Google subsidiary enjoys a high standing across all age groups, and no other platform has as many Swiss users as YouTube. Influencers are playing an increasingly important role across the generations. Even among Boomers, one fifth already follow one or more influencers on social media. The younger the target group, the more important the influencers become.

Other findings:

  • Generation Z is increasingly to be found on the still relatively new BeReal platform. There are practically no Boomers there.
  • Instagram Reels are consumed more frequently than Tiktok.
  • Zekki is the most popular Swiss creator across all age groups.
  • Image content is still more popular than videos.
  • Whatsapp is not only by far the most popular instant messenger, but also leads the ranking of the most used apps for consuming Stories (in Whatsapp "Status").
  • Every:r fourth Swiss:in has subscribed to a blog.
  • The popularity of podcasts continues to grow.
  • An increasing number of Swiss people want to take some digital time out now and then.

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