Mediapulse Streaming Data: TV has the highest daily reach

Media usage in the moving image market remains stable in the first quarter of 2023. As of now, Mediapulse offers the possibility to analyze data in depth and compare them individually.

Traditional TV continued to score with the highest daily reach figures in the first quarter of 2023. These have increased slightly compared to Q4/2022. By contrast, TV usage via small-screen devices and the use of YouTube and Netflix remain unchanged. The other streaming platforms Disney+, Amazon Prime and Apple TV+ still reach comparatively few people - although the latter has seen a small increase in reach since the last quarter.

New paid dashboard available

As part of its TV research, Mediapulse published a quarterly overview of streaming data with the aim of providing an independent, cross-platform and comparable database for the use of TV and other moving image offerings.
Mediapulse is now making streaming data available to interested parties as a paid dashboard. In this dashboard, in-depth evaluations tailored to individual needs are possible. From evaluations on a daily, monthly or quarterly level, or according to language regions and end devices, to the analysis of various target group segments. In addition, statements can be made about viewing and dwell times as well as reach and ratings.

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