More than three quarters of radio consumption is now digital

77 percent of radio listening in Switzerland is digital. By contrast, the use of FM is declining steadily. DAB+ was the most widely used reception channel. In 2022, just under half a million DAB+ radios were in operation. Listening to the radio via the Internet has become increasingly popular.

This was announced by the Federal Office of Communications Bakom on Friday. This means that digital radio usage has risen by 28 percentage points in the past seven years up to the fall of 2022. At the same time, the FM share fell from 51 to 23 percent.

Only eleven percent of respondents said they listen to the radio exclusively via FM. Radio listening via the Internet had a share of 36 percent, and DAB+ 41 percent.

With 63 percent usage, most Swiss listened to the radio most often at home, followed by the workplace with 18 percent.

With a 51 percent share, DAB+ was also on the rise in cars. Together with the Internet, 63 percent of radio listening at the wheel is digital, according to Bakom. 99 percent of all new passenger cars have had a DAB+ radio as standard for several years. (SDA)

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