CH online media reach around five million people per month

Mediapulse's semester data on Swiss online research, published for the first time, show among other things that the measured offerings are used by around five million people per month, which corresponds to a monthly reach of 61 percent.

(Graphics: Mediapulse Online Content Audience Data)

Since July 2022, Mediapulse has been calculating online content audience data, which provides information on the online usage of the Swiss. This means that, for the first time, half-yearly data on the use of the offerings involved in the research is also available for online use, in addition to the semester figures for radio and TV.

On a monthly average, more than 5 million users visited the online platforms surveyed, which corresponds to 61 percent of the population. The survey refers to people over the age of three who live in Switzerland.

Within a week, half of the Swiss population was on one of the platforms studied at least once. The participating online media reached an average of 4.2 million users per week (51 percent net reach). The daily figure was 2.9 million, or 35 percent of the population.

Data of high utility value

Online Content Audience Data provides a daily measurement of online usage that shows the people behind the machines. This provides the market with highly useful data. For example, structural characteristics can be determined for online brands or usage patterns can be shown down to the hourly level.

This shows that Swiss online media are used throughout the day. In addition, peaks in usage occur in the morning and at midday. The highest values are achieved in the evening.

On Saturdays and Sundays, the picture is similar, albeit with a time lag. Here, usage increases somewhat later and then runs slightly higher during the day, especially on Sundays, than on weekdays. The peak over midday does not occur on weekends.

SRF, 20 Minuten and Blick reached the most people

SRF achieved the highest reach in Switzerland, 20 minutes and View. SRF was the only online platform that was visited by more than one million people every day. 20 minutes came to a daily average value of 862,680, View to 754,010 persons. Other brands in the top 10 were Blue News, 20 Minutes,,, Watson, RTS and the Tages-Anzeiger.

Among the networks surveyed, the Goldbach Display Network, the Goldbach
Video Network and the Ringier Digital Network have the greatest reach.

Mediapulse publishes for the first time semester data of the new Swiss Online research. The Mediapulse Online Content Audience Data provides information on the use of websites and apps of the online media participating in the study for the second semester of 2022.

The methodological cornerstones are the Media Panel operated by Kantar and the tagging technology from Comscore. The measurement system records the usage of around 5,000 people on over 10,000 devices every day.

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