Mediapulse: TV reaches 57 percent of the Swiss population aged 3 and over every day

In the second half of 2022, the programs of the TV stations were tuned in on average - live or time-shifted - by around 57 percent of the Swiss population aged 3 and over. This is shown by the usage data for the second half of 2022 collected on behalf of the Mediapulse Foundation.

The key data on TV usage published by Mediapulse include aggregated views and allow an overall view of the use of the medium TV in Switzerland. Until the first semester of 2022, a joint semester publication was published for the radio and TV data. From the second semester of 2022, the semester figures will be published separately for each medium. These publications are staggered and started with the medium Radiofollowed by TV and online.

TV consumption: 196 minutes daily

On an average day in the second half of 2022, a good 4.2 million people used the services of the TV stations, either live or time-shifted. In relation to all people living in households with one or more TV sets, this corresponds to a net reach of 57 percent. The largest audience for TV is found in Svizzera italiana, with a genre reach of 64 percent. In German-speaking Switzerland and Suisse romande, this figure of 56 percent is slightly below the national average.

TV viewers currently spend an average of 196 minutes per day watching TV programs. The amount of time spent per person - the dwell time - varies across the three language regions. Once again, the top spot is held by Svizzera italiana with 222 minutes per day, followed by Suisse Romande with 219 minutes, while viewers in German-speaking Switzerland invest only 186 minutes per day in TV consumption.

Increased useful life compared to previous year

Compared with the second half of 2021, daily reach is down 1 percentage point from 58 at that time. By contrast, time spent per user increased from 188 to 196 minutes. This means that the TV genre reaches slightly fewer people than in the second half of 2021, but they use the medium for longer.

The decline in reach is comparable in all three language regions. In German-speaking Switzerland and in Svizzera italiana by 2 percentage points, in Suisse Romande by 1 percentage point. Usage time per viewer increased by 18 minutes in Svizzera italiana and by 11 minutes in Suisse Romande, while German-speaking Switzerland saw an increase of 6 minutes.

The from Mediapulse responsible for television research provides information about the linear and time-shifted TV usage on conventional TV sets, the so-called "big screen". A measurement solution for the use of TV offerings via alternative end devices, the so-called "small screen devices," has been implemented, but does not yet fully capture this form of use, which is why the corresponding usage data is not included in the statistics for the second semester of 2022. On July 1, 2022, the research was switched to the new, hybrid TV measurement system after six months of parallel operation. This semester's publication is based for the first time on the so-called TV Hi-Res Data, which enriches the panel research with usage data from digital set-top boxes.

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