Wemf study "MACH Strategy" new with DOOH and streaming

On Thursday, Wemf published this year's "MACH Strategy" intermedia study with several new features. From now on, DOOH (≥ 55 inches) and additional digital signage offers can be evaluated. In addition, streaming groups are now also reported.

The aim of the "MACH Strategy" study is to cover all relevant media genres. This year's innovations represent a significant step in this direction.

Expansion in the digital out-of-home segment

The digital out-of-home (DOOH) segment was greatly expanded. In cooperation with SPR+, the research institute for OOH media and mobility, DOOH screens of 55 inches and larger were integrated. This means that, in addition to OOH analog, DOOH can now also be evaluated separately and in combination for the first time. "For the benefit of advertising clients and media planners, DOOH now represents another relevant communication channel for moving images in MACH Strategy," says Felix H. Mende, Managing Director of SPR+. "Our future data foundation deliveries will keep pace with the rapid expansion of DOOH."

In addition, Livesystems' digital signage offering of post office and gas station stores equipped with screens has also been included in the MACH Strategy. "We are pleased that in addition to Public Transport, Retail and Gas Station are now also represented in the MACH Strategy," says Philipp Wild, CCOof Livesystems.

Digital out-of-home advertising reaches a large part of the Swiss population

Figures from MACH Strategy 2022 show that almost 70 percent of the Swiss population is regularly reached by digital advertising screens (≥ 55 inches). In highly urbanized areas in particular, digital outdoor advertising is almost on a par with analog billboards.

Digital signage offerings - screens in gas stations, post offices and public transport - reach a total of around 24 percent of the Swiss population. Young people between the ages of 14 and 35 who have a high level of education or are in training are reached particularly strongly with DOOH and digital signage compared to the entire Swiss population.

14- to 29-year-olds are particularly affine for streaming

The second major innovation in "MACH Strategy" concerns the integration of streaming. This means that six streaming groups - audio, video, international, Swiss, free and paid - can now be evaluated. These groups are based on net totals of 16 individual offers. Just under 63 percent of the Swiss population regularly streams videos, while 30 percent use audio streaming. People who regularly use streaming offers tend to be young. The 14- to 29-year-olds have a particularly high affinity. They are more likely than average to be in education or work full-time. Compared to the Swiss average, they live in larger households with a higher gross household income.

Affinity for video streaming by gender and age. (Image: Wemf)
Affinity for audio streaming by gender and age. (Image: Wemf)

National Intermediate Study MACH Strategy

As a tool for strategic planning, MACH Strategy enables targeted analysis and implementation of the optimal media mix of press, cinema, TV, radio, Internet / web offerings, social media, streaming (audio / video), out-of-home, DOOH, transport and direct mail. The cross-media study shows with which media strategy a target group can be reached most efficiently.

The current "MACH Strategy 2022" was published on Thursday.

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