Replay TV is mainly used for missed programs

According to a survey by the online comparison service Comparis, replay TV is not fundamentally the big advertising killer. The majority of TV users in Switzerland want to be able to rewind in order to watch missed programs.


The TV industry is suffering steep advertising losses because of replay TV. It has enforced compensation for rewinding advertising. By the end of 2022, the industry wants to raise prices for replay TV or introduce compulsory advertising for time-shifted TV.

A survey by Comparis now shows that replay TV meets a great need among the public. Three quarters of the people surveyed have a rewind function on their TV sets. Of these, 85 percent use replay TV for missed programs.

Around 48 percent of respondents skip commercials with the rewind function. More than half are willing to use replay TV with forced advertising. Half are also willing to pay a surcharge for rewinding.

The study goes on to show that younger people under the age of 36, in particular, overwind commercials, while the older generations are more reticent. The young are not used to minute-long commercial breaks from YouTube and other channels.

Half of Replay TV subscribers are willing to pay a surcharge of up to CHF 5 to continue using the rewind function. The willingness to pay is highest among young people.

The market research institute Innofact surveyed around 1034 people in all regions of Switzerland on the topic of replay TV on behalf of Comparis in July 2022. (SDA)

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