GenZ report from Xeit shows: Young people are extremely social

For the second time, the Zurich agency Xeit is studying the smartphone usage behavior of Swiss young people. With over 20 hours per week, the young are particularly active on social media.

In the first GenZ Report, Xeit already showed that young people are on their cell phones virtually non-stop in their free time ( reported). Now, for the second time, the Zurich-based agency has evaluated the screen time and cell phone usage activities of 270 participants aged between 13 and 23 over a period of four weeks. This shows that young Swiss people use social media in particular very intensively, spending more than 20 hours a week.

Communication yes, administration no

In particular, young women and men invest by far the most time in communicating and interacting with friends. What is surprising here is that the intensity of use of social media apps and platforms decreases from the age of 17.

The winner in terms of usage intensity across all age groups is Instagram, an app that is also heavily used by millenials. However, administration apps such as e-mail are not relevant for Generation Z.

Significance of screen time

Generation Z is increasingly becoming the focus of attention in many business sectors. Accordingly, it is indispensable to know where and how to communicate with teenagers and young adults. Not only the platform and timing are relevant, but also the content, the approach and the form of communication.

The facts at a glance

  • In total, all study participants together spent around 30,833 hours on their cell phones within four weeks - equivalent to 181,440 hours. This corresponds to just over four and a half days.
  • Battle for user attention: For 97 percent of participants, Instagram was once among the top 5 apps in the month under review.
  • With increasing age, the intensity of use decreases.
  • Mailing apps are used for just over a minute on average
  • Only 3 percent of participants do not follow any influencer or creator

A preview of the GenZ report can be on can be downloaded.

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