Web Media Monitor 2019: Radio and TV usage increasingly shifting to the internet

The "Web Media Monitor 2019" shows that more than half of Swiss radio/audio and TV/video consumption already takes place on the internet today. Users' willingness to pay and interest in web media in the advertising market have also grown.


A lot of positive things in the Swiss media market: With a total of 593 online audio and online video offerings from 261 providers, the range of offerings is extremely diverse in terms of content and language. Traditional media brands are particularly well represented: around two thirds of the 440 online audio offerings come from FM/DAB+ radio brands. In the online video sector, more than half (56 percent) come from the TV, radio or print market.

Compared to the previous study in 2017, the web media market has become more professional: Smaller "hobby providers" have switched to high-reach social media platforms. The attractiveness for the advertising industry has increased and the forecasts of the providers are correspondingly positive: They expect annual advertising growth of 18 percent for online audio until 2021, and as much as 49 percent for online video.


Usage and willingness to pay increased

Already 56 percent of TV/video use and 54 percent of radio/audio use in Switzerland takes place on the internet. The most popular offerings of online audio users are simulcast streams of FM stations and music streaming services. In the video segment, live TV programmes from TV stations and free video portals are particularly popular.

At the same time, the willingness to pay for media content on the Internet is also growing. More than a third of Swiss online users already use (at least occasionally) paid-for online audio services, and among 16- to 29-year-olds this figure is already almost half (48 percent). This trend is even stronger in the online video segment. Here, more than half of those surveyed use paid online video platforms, and among 16- to 29-year-olds, two-thirds already do so.


Plenty of potential for growth

The growth forecasts of the web media industry are predominantly positive. Asked about the future market drivers, the audio providers primarily name audio streaming in the car and in-car entertainment systems. They also see a lot of development potential for the industry in smart speakers, the personalization of offerings and podcasts.

Innovative formats, interactivity of content, but also 5G and influencer marketing are considered the most important future topics in the Swiss online video market.

The "Web Media Monitor 2019" was commissioned by Bakom and produced by Goldmedia. The study on the Swiss online audio and online video market is based on an extensive survey of web media providers and users in June/July 2019 and can be here free of charge.

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