Social media study: LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube are the big winners in 2019

The anniversary edition of the "Social Media in Switzerland 2019" study delivers results and specific usage data for Switzerland for the tenth time. These are the most important results.


The social web remains in motion: New platforms appear on the radar (TikTok), old ones disappear almost unnoticed (Google+), and new formats attract the interest of the inherently sluggish masses. And so not only the importance of individual platforms changes, but also their use - almost unnoticed by the user, but very clearly in a year-on-year comparison.

In order to record these movements and derive potential from them, Xeit has conducted an annual study on the use of social media in Switzerland since 2009. Has TikTok already overtaken Snapchat among Swiss young people? How relevant are rating platforms? How good is the acceptance of social ads? Which is the most important business network? And where do the Swiss find out about potential employers? These are the kinds of questions that online marketing deals with every day.

With the survey on social media use in Switzerland, Xeit is now providing the analytical basis for answering these questions for the tenth time. The current edition of the study series "Social Media in Switzerland" is based on a survey panel with 1111 participants.


The most important results at a glance:

  • The Frequency of use of social networks continues to grow.
  • Every fifth Swiss has a Voice Assistant at home.
  • The Swiss increasingly feel stressed from being online all the time.
  • Four out of five Swiss read Blogs. At least occasionally.
  • Influencer are gaining in importance - across almost all age groups.
  • Infotainment with a clear company reference is what users want from company websites.
  • Stories are the format of the hour. Most popular among active users: Instagram.
  • Social media is gaining ground in the Politics in importance. 40 percent of respondents inform themselves on social media before the elections.
  • Social media TV formats have not yet arrived in the mainstream in Switzerland.
  • WhatsApp continues to extend its lead as a messenger.
  • When making purchasing decisions, two thirds of the Swiss pay attention to Online reviews


Xeit sells the entire study (56 pages, print) for 300 Swiss francs.

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