Local radios with 94 percent market share in second half of 2017

5.9 million people aged 15 and over in Switzerland are reached by the medium of radio on an average day. This corresponds to a population share of just under 84 percent. The German-speaking and Ticino-speaking Swiss listen to the radio significantly longer than the French-speaking Swiss on a daily basis. Foreign radio stations hardly play a role in Switzerland. This is shown by the Mediapulse Radiopanel figures for the second half of 2017.


Radio continued to underpin its status as a reach medium in the second half of 2017 and can even rival the internet in this respect. According to the NET-Metrix-Base study, 90 percent of the population aged 14 and over currently use the internet at least occasionally and 80 percent do so daily. In German-speaking Switzerland, 85 percent of people aged 15 and over come into contact with the radio every day. In Suisse romande, the corresponding penetration of 82 percent is below the figure for the largest language region, while in Svizzera italiana it is slightly higher at 87 percent. In a trend comparison with the 2nd half of 2016, the current figures show a decline in radio reach of around one percentage point in each of the three language regions.

The contacts realized through radio are anything but fleeting. This is borne out by the Mediapulse Radiopanel's figures on daily usage time. People who turn to the radio spend an average of 114 minutes, or just under 2 hours, using the various radio stations in German-speaking Switzerland and in Svizzera italiana. Listeners in Suisse romande have reduced their traditionally lower radio consumption by a further 3 minutes compared with the 2nd half of 2016 and now have a daily listening time of 96 minutes. In contrast, the usage volume in German-speaking Switzerland remains stable compared to the same period last year.

A look at the market shares of the individual station groups also reveals stable conditions. SRG SSR stations lead the corresponding ranking in all three parts of the country: in Svizzera italiana with 74 percent, and in the other two parts of the country with 64 percent market share each. Beyond the SRG SSR stations, the domestic private radio stations dominate over the foreign competition. In German-speaking Switzerland, Swiss private radio stations account for nearly one in three minutes of use, with a market share of 31 percent. In Suisse romande, it's a good one in four minutes (26 percent), and in Svizzera italiana, it's almost one in five minutes (18 percent). By comparison, foreign radio stations have a difficult time. Their market share ranges from 5 percent in German-speaking Switzerland to 10 percent in French-speaking Switzerland.

Twice a year, Mediapulse publishes the official usage figures for Swiss live radio consumption via cable, FM, DAB+ and Internet among the population aged 15 and over living in Switzerland. The data from the Mediapulse Radiopanel is considered the official Swiss radio currency and is used by radio stations to optimize programming and by the advertising industry to sell advertising spots to specific target groups. In 2018, modernized Swiss radio research will replace the existing measurement system.

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Radiopanel 2/2017 - this is what local radio stations write:

Radio Pilate writes that it remains the fourth-largest private radio station in Switzerland behind Energy Zürich, Radio FM1 and Radio 24. In addition, it is the station with the highest daily reach among radio stations in central Switzerland for the fourth time in a row, confirming the positive trend of recent years.

According to NMZ Neue Medien Zentralschweiz, the highest market share in Central Switzerland is held by Radio Central on. Overall, Radio Pilatus still has more listeners on average than Radio Central, but Central has been able to secure more market share due to the significant drop in use of Pilatus (from 55 min. to 46 min.) and the increase in listeners of Central. The station is also pleased that Radio Eviva has the longest usage per listener per day of all private radio stations, at 73 minutes. And that Sunshine Radio was able to increase its listeners by more than 14 percent.

FM1 is pleased to be in second place among Swiss private radio stations for the first time. This was made possible by an increase of more than 2 percent over the previous year's semester, to 229,000 daily listeners aged 15 and over. In a statement, FM Managing Director André Moesch attributes the radio station's continuing success to the consistent implementation of the programming philosophy that the station has pursued since its founding ten years ago. In addition, the station's own online portal FM1Today, which complements the radio program, has also contributed to the success.

The two AZ media stations Radio 24 and Radio Argovia report that they remain the respective number 1 in their license areas. Florian Wanner, Managing Director Radio at AZ Medien | TV & Radio: "Well, it's the last data from the old measurement system. I am looking forward to the new measurement system, which has a higher sample size and thus a better representation of the population. Since this improves data stability, it helps all radio broadcasters."

In the Bern region, the Radio Bern1 ahead of Radio Energy Bern as the most popular private radio station, the station writes. In the licensed broadcasting area, which includes the city and agglomeration of Bern as well as the neighboring regions as far as Thun, Biel, Fribourg and Solothurn, it reaches 56,800 listeners daily with a high average listening time of 69.6 minutes.

The Energy Group is pleased with the strong listener numbers in the 2nd half of 2017: Energy Zurich remains the number 1 private radio station in Switzerland, Energy Bern holds its own as Bern's strongest private radio station with new record figures and Energy Basel remains Basel's favorite station in the advertising-relevant target group. And thanks to a newly established digital editorial team with a focus on social content, Energy has now also become one of the leading Swiss media brands on the social web over the past year, writes the Energy Group in a statement.

Also confirmed in the second half of 2017 Radio Southeast Switzerland its leading position among local radio stations in the southeastern Switzerland region. According to Mediapulse figures, net reach in German-speaking Switzerland increased to over 95,000 listeners per day. The national growth among younger listeners is particularly striking, writes Radio Südostschweiz in a release. Thanks to various adjustments in the market share among 15 to 34 year olds has increased by over 16 percent. Jürgen Törkott, Head of Radio, is pleased with the figures. The strategy is being pursued consistently and this is an additional motivation when the result is reflected in the usage figures. (pd/hae)

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