No stranger watching: Netflix users remain loyal to the portal according to a study

Just one in five Netflix users use another portal to stream films and series. This means that Netflix customers behave differently to those of competing streaming services, who like to think outside the box from time to time. This was the result of a recent US study by the market research company Second Measure.


A full 80 percent of paying Netflix customers do not use any other service to stream TV content. Apparently, they have enough choice in their preferred portal to remain loyal. In contrast, less than half (40 percent) of users of rival DirectTV Now state that they only have one streaming account. Among HBO Now customers, just 28.5 percent say the same. All other users use another service for more variety.

In the US, industry giant Netflix claims around 25 percent of the entire streaming market. The portal Hulu, which is currently in second place, covers just seven percent of the market in comparison. Only 36.8 percent of Hulu users stated in the study that they do not use any other streaming service. This illustrates the enormous influence of Netflix.

For the study, the researchers analyzed the largest streaming platforms in the USA. However, they did not include the Prime Video service, as this is not a standalone service and is linked to a range of Amazon features. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that more Prime customers will forego another streaming portal than Netflix users, is the final conclusion of the study. (pte)

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