20 Minuten launches native advertising format "Spotlight"

With the new commercial content format "Spotlight", 20 Minuten wants to give its advertising partners maximum visibility with high-quality content.

The new "Spotlight" format is a teaser that is permanently placed on the top advertising space for 24 hours, making it "a unique offering in the Swiss media landscape", according to a press release from 20 Minuten. The teasers lead to content articles created by the commercial publishing team. The aim is to anchor the customer's advertising message with the audience "in the long term and with a positive connotation".

20 Minuten "Spotlight" has already proven to be very effective: initial implementations achieved over three million impressions in 24 hours and a comparatively high click-through rate of around 4 percent.

"Spotlight enables us to effectively convey our customers' advertising messages through high-quality content and prominent placement. It is the perfect format to promote engagement and strengthen brand loyalty," Florian Sonderegger, Head of Commercial Publishing, is quoted as saying.

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