APG|SGA: Predefined target groups for more efficient campaigns

In order to achieve the communication goals of clients even more efficiently and effectively, the OOH company APG|SGA has launched a data-driven offer for DOOH campaign optimization, initially consisting of 18 different target group segments.

According to the announcement, advertising customers will initially have 18 different target group segments available for Programmatic Digital Out of Home (PDOOH). This should enable an even more individualized target group approach. Currently, for example, pupils, students, winter or summer sports enthusiasts, people with an affinity for beauty & health, art, culture or travel can be specifically selected according to movement patterns. Accordingly, the advertising is broadcast at the right time and in the right place on APG|SGA's ePanels and eBoards.

Data basis from Intervista

The data basis for the definition of the 18 target groups is provided by Intervista's Footprints panel. The panel, which is representative of the Swiss population, comprises 4,000 people who have installed the Footprints Research app on their smartphones and given their consent for their data to be used for research purposes. The app continuously records their whereabouts and routes.

This movement data is linked to the locations of APG|SGA's ePanels and eBoards. As the data is available on an hourly basis, APG|SGA can, for example, identify on which screens and at which times certain target groups are over- or under-represented. This allows advertisers to reach their target group even more individually and precisely.

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