Livesystems markets DOOH screens from TPG

Livesystems and Transports Publics Genevois Tpg have signed an exclusive four-year marketing agreement. With immediate effect, the DOOH provider will take over the marketing of DOOH advertising screens within the TPG transport network and strengthen its presence in French-speaking Switzerland.

With over 600 vehicles and 1,700 screens, TPG is one of the largest transportation companies in Switzerland. Livesystems is now taking over the exclusive marketing of TPG's DOOH advertising screens. The contract is for four years.

By remarketing the TPG spaces, Livesystems is significantly strengthening its presence in the public transport sector in French-speaking Switzerland, the DOOH provider writes in a press release. The collaboration brings added value for advertisers and agencies alike.

The system from Livesystems extends the possibilities of TPG's previous offering. It is now possible to book individual lines or predefined zones. Customers can select the exact GPS zones and enrich their DOOH campaign with specific targeting, such as time slots and weather. To increase relevance for passengers, Livesystems broadcasts infotainment in real time. The performance values are shown in the DOOH planning tool "Inventory Finder".

Livesystems COO Christian Imhof is delighted: "Thanks to TPG, we reach an additional 301,000 people every week and generate up to 3.1 million gross contacts. We can now offer advertisers and agencies an exciting service in French-speaking Switzerland."

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