Weischer.Cinema Switzerland publishes solar-powered sustainability report

In cooperation with the parent company in Hamburg and the branch office in Austria, Weischer.Cinema Switzerland collected data in the area of sustainability for the first time. And this much in advance: It is not an 0815 report. It is solar-powered via a balcony power plant.

Anything but 08:15: Weischer.Cinema Switzerland's sustainability report is solar-powered via a balcony power plant.

Already in the previous year, Weischer for the first time Sustainability Report published. For the year 2022, Switzerland is also included, according to EU standards. Weischer.Cinema Switzerland has taken on the topic of sustainability and taken a closer look at the books - voluntarily, of course, and with a considerable investment of time. It was found that the carbon footprint of Weischer.Cinema Switzerland performed well within the benchmark of Weischer Holding.

In addition, the Weischer Sustainability Report comes with an environmentally friendly surprise: After all pages of the report were printed on old cinema and advertising posters last year, the Sustainability Report for 2022 is published exclusively digitally. It can only be accessed via a landing page, which is powered by the company's own small photovoltaic system at its Hamburg site. To keep energy consumption as low as possible, the web design is extremely reduced and features few colors, photos and pixels. However, with the company's own balcony power plant, the sustainability report may be temporarily offline during longer periods of bad weather. As the Sustainability Report 2022 shows, the entire Weischer Group now operates in a climate-neutral manner.


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