The balancing act between innovation and longevity

As innovation drivers, Intervista and Livesystems have shifted to the latest technologies without neglecting their longevity. How the two companies manage the balancing act and why they never want to stand still.

The world of advertising has changed since digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising entered the scene. As an innovation driver in the Swiss media industry, the market research institute intervista, together with the digital out of home provider Livesystems, uses state-of-the-art measurement methods to deliver precise advertising solutions. Despite the high level of innovation, they do not lose sight of the goal of longevity.

Always up-to-date data thanks to continuous measurements

Semi-annual data surveys ensure realistic performance values and transparency in the inventory.

The company makes the measured data freely available to its customers and agencies in its intuitive Inventory Finder planning tool. Thus, for each campaign planning, all relevant performance data such as the net reach, the frequency in which the target group of the campaign is exposed, and the gross contacts can be evaluated.

Advertisers receive reliable values

"We certainly don't want to build a tool and then sit back," says Philipp Egli, Head of ICT Operations. "Customers want to understand the benefits of their campaign. The data quality that we strive for today will make the crucial difference in the future. Sustainability and longevity are cornerstones of our strategy. With accurate data and relevant content, we want to create long-lasting relationships between brands and consumers," Philipp Egli continues.

Complex technology simply applied

The Footprint Panel from intervista tracks the advertising contacts of around 3,000 people who use the Footprints Research app. Various measurement technologies record contacts in public transportation, on streets and squares, and in stores and gas stations.

Different measurement technologies are used in the app for the various Livesystems advertising networks: Contacts with screens in public transport and with city screens on streets and squares are accurately recorded using GPS tracking and data from the smartphone's motion and rotation sensors. Advertising contacts in stores, at gas pumps or at multi-story objects such as train stations are registered via beacons, which are integrated into Livesystems' screens.

Despite the complexity of the measurement methodology in the various environments, the DOOH provider has succeeded in working with the market research institute intervista to establish a reliable, long-lasting way of accurately collecting its performance data.

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