Audienzz and Ringier Advertising launch "Yaleo

The digital marketers Audienzz and Ringier Advertising are combining their strengths and launching "Yaleo," a new product for playing native ads in the pay-per-click model. It replaces "Business Click" from Audienzz and "Ringier Click" from Ringier Advertising and is designed to enable advertisers to generate even more reach for their performance campaigns.

The cooperation between Audienzz and Ringier Advertising will create the widest-reach digital native offering in Switzerland, according to a joint statement on Tuesday. The network, on which the native ad campaigns of "Yaleo" are played out, now includes over 170 premium websites and apps in all Swiss language regions. This includes all titles of the media houses NZZ, Ringier and CH Media, as well as other partners such as and Comparis. All subject areas are covered, from news, finance and lifestyle to family and leisure. The strategic cooperation between Audienzz and Ringier Advertising would give advertisers access to Swiss quality publishers where they can place their campaigns in a targeted manner, according to the statement.

The advantage with Yaleo: Native ads are embedded directly in the editorial content or in the "Yaleo" feed that starts below an article and consists of article teasers and ad slots. In addition, they seamlessly adapt to the content and appearance of the website on which they are displayed. On the one hand, this guarantees optimal user experience and visibility and, on the other, offers advertisers maximum brand safety.

Automated creation and distribution with "Yaleo" Collect

Campaigns can either be booked classically via Audienzz and Ringier Advertising, entered independently with the programmatic Native Ad Manager from "Yaleo" or created completely automatically with "Yaleo"-Collect. Based on crawler technology, "Yaleo"-Collect reads images, text and links from predefined websites or web stores and creates fully automated image/text or video/text ads in over 1000 different designs. In particular, companies with a targeted content marketing or e-commerce strategy that want to use ads to generate traffic, but want to keep the operational effort of ad production low, would benefit from this option.

Pricing strategy based on CPC

Yaleo campaigns are billed using a pay-per-click model with a flexible pricing strategy. Direct access to the real-time dashboard of the Audienzz Adconsole allows the performance of the campaigns to be viewed at any time. This makes it possible to continuously adjust them to the desired KPIs such as click-through rate, generated leads or conversions.

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