Livesystems and Intervista extend data collection with F12D format

There's been a development in the collaboration between DOOH provider Livesystems and market research firm Intervista. The latest data collection, available from Tuesday in the planning tool "Inventory Finder", includes for the first time the performance data of F12D placements.

With regular data collection in the spring and fall of each year, the cooperation between Livesystems and Intervista provides a basis for data-based advertising strategies.

The update and expansion of the DOOH data in the "Inventory Finder" promise another strategic step toward transparency and precision: The survey now also takes into account the poster sites of the digitized F12 poster format. This should enable agencies and advertisers to gain precise insights into the performance of digital outdoor advertising placements.

Inventory grows

"The inclusion of F12D placements in our performance data collection is an important next step for us and our clientele," Nadine Hauser, co-CEO of Livesystems, was quoted as saying in a statement. "Our inventory is growing across all environments. At the same time, even with new inventory, we can provide more comprehensive performance information and offer a consistent and coherent pricing model."

With the expansion of data collection, the DOOH provider is consolidating its role as an innovator in the Swiss DOOH landscape, according to the statement.

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