New partnership with Schwarz Media: Excom Media markets the Lidl screen network

Excom Media and Schwarz Media cooperate for the marketing of 680 POS screens of Lidl Switzerland, which are placed in the entrance and checkout areas of Lidl stores.

Excom Media continues to expand in the field of DOOH retail media: The existing DOOH portfolio of around 3,700 POS screens will now be joined by more than 680 welcome and goodbye screens in Lidl's 170 Swiss stores. The screens are placed in the entrance and checkout areas and are designed to reach a large number of customers.

Customers can see the messages with a loop length of just one minute both when entering the stores (one Welcome Screen per location) and during the checkout process and when leaving the store (an average of three Goodbye Screens per location). The screens can be booked in clusters, regionally, cantonally or nationally in all three language regions.



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