More sustainable advertising: Teads and Impact+ launch collaboration

The collaboration between Teads and Impact+ is designed to help Swiss marketers and agencies reduce the environmental impact of their digital advertising campaigns.

In collaboration with Impact+, a solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the digital advertising industry, Teads wants to offer marketers and agencies in Switzerland the opportunity to advertise sustainably and to measure and reduce the carbon footprint of their digital advertising campaign. The Impact+ solution is directly embedded in the "Attention" area of the Teads solution, which also includes topics such as creative and contextual targeting.

Specifically, Teads and Impact+ give the digital advertising industry the ability to combine environmental and marketing KPIs. In this way, advertisers should be able to quickly reduce their greenhouse gas emissions without compromising media KPIs. Among other things, the electricity used to host the ad when it is delivered and to display it on the viewer's device is measured.

"By sharpening our understanding of how digital advertising impacts the environment, we ensure that business growth and environmental responsibility go hand in hand," said Claudio Lumbiarres, Managing Director Sales CH/AT/Nordics at Teads.

Important "Attention Rate

In addition, Teads' newly developed "Attention Rate" is designed to bring a new perspective to the advertising ecosystem. The metric evaluates both the quality of media exposure and the functionality of the advertising medium in terms of consumer attention. According to Lumen Research, the Attention Rate predicts the impact of a campaign three to seven times better than the old metric Viewability.

With consideration and a sense of responsibility

Attention is based on the user's experience. For example, ads that cannot be skipped and are too long or misleading achieve less attention and impact. In contrast, ads that are well integrated into their advertising environment and thus interact with that of the user are more successful.

Journalistic-editorial platforms offer very attractive advertising spaces in this context. A video ad on a news site achieves an attention rate three times higher than the same format on a social network. Companies that invest in ad inventory in this environment see much better campaign performance and support quality journalism.

Responding more strongly to consumer wishes 

Consumers are demanding more commitment and initiative for climate protection from their favorite brands. This can be achieved through more creative ads that attract greater attention. New methods of performance measurement and more sustainable, optimized booking and playout channels for digital advertising campaigns help companies save CO2 and secure a competitive advantage at the same time.

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