SPR+ introduces rating of programmatically booked DOOH campaigns

On Tuesday, new functions were added to the SPR+ Expert planning tool, which are intended to further increase benefits and efficiency. The optimizations should make it possible to evaluate programmatically booked DOOH campaigns in addition to classically booked OOH/DOOH campaigns.

Cross-vendor programmatic campaigns can now be evaluated in the SPR+ planning tool. Campaigns provided by marketers can be imported directly into SPR+ Expert by the customer or their media agency. In addition, SPR+ is open to the possibility of these campaign files being created directly by Demand Side Platforms (DSPs). In order to allow these campaigns to be generated per provider from DSPs in the future and then imported into SPR+ Expert, SPR+ will provide the necessary interface definitions to all interested platforms. The prerequisite for the evaluation is that the DSP customer has a valid SPR+ license.

Since programmatic campaigns are now booked in near real time, this very quickly leads to a six-digit number of placements for larger campaigns. The system was previously only designed for mid-four-digit weekly placements. According to SPR+, the optimizations have accelerated calculations by up to four hundred times. The increase in efficiency has also enabled SPR+ to release the calculation for campaign periods of up to one year for all customers.

"The proportion of programmatically booked DOOH campaigns is increasing rapidly. It is a key customer need to also evaluate these campaigns in SPR+ Expert. We have now created the prerequisites for this possibility with the optimizations," concludes Felix H. Mende, Managing Director of Swiss Poster Research Plus.

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