After 100 days of TV Replay Ads: IGEM draws first conclusion

About 100 days after the launch of the first Replay Ads on TV, IGEM showed the state of play in a webinar and gave an outlook on further developments.

Meike Leimbacher and Christian Arm from Goldbach reviewed the first 100 days of Replay Ads and showed creative implementations from the more than 100 Replay advertising campaigns already implemented. They also gave an overview of the key figures to date and looked to the future of the further development of these new forms of advertising.

Roger Elsener of CH Media followed with an overview of the development of replay TV over the last ten years, demonstrating its popularity in Switzerland. At the same time, according to Elsener, over 70 percent of advertising on replay TV is avoided or fast-forwarded - three times more than on live TV. Accordingly, the TV broadcasters are happy that they were able to find a solution with the network operators and introduce replay ads on October 4, 2022. ( reported). The Group, the RTL Group and the national TV stations of the CH Media Group have successfully launched with Replay Ads, he said. Elsener explained that on March 20, seven more stations, including TeleZüri and four other regional TV stations, will launch with Replay Ads. Elsener concluded by pointing out the great media outcry before the launch of Replay Ads, which subsequently proved to be a storm in a teacup, however. For him, it was a successful start all in all.

In the panel discussion chaired by Stephan Küng, IGEM President and owner of TWmedia, questions from the 220 or so members of the audience were also answered. The discussion focused in particular on the next development and expansion steps. Questions about the future planning and control of the replay ads were also clarified.

"The first 100 days of Replay Ads tell a success story: over 100 campaigns have already been implemented, the technical ramp-up has been achieved and delivery is working, after an initial tempest in a teapot there has been hardly any negative media coverage, and Mediapulse is already calibrating for neutral measurement of Replay Ads. All this certainly provides a good basis for the further expansion of the Replay advertising offering," IGEM President Küng sums up.

The recording of the webinar will be available in the coming days on available.

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