Admeira study combines household spending and TV data

A new study by Admeira shows the direct correlation between TV usage and household spending at the person level to map the economic relevance of target groups.

On behalf of Admeira, the market research institute GfK Switzerland conducted a representative online survey of over 1,500 people in German- and French-speaking Switzerland in September 2022. The aim of this study was to record TV usage and household spending in 13 different baskets of goods at person level, in order to ultimately map the economic relevance of target groups. The economic potential of viewers of the various TV stations was also surveyed.

Two standards combined

The study thus combines two standards: household spending from the Federal Statistical Office's basket of goods (household budget survey) and TV data from Mediapulse. This link enables strategic TV planning to be optimized. For the first time in Switzerland, it is possible to determine which TV target groups determine which spending budgets and how they are reached via advertising. In this way, it is already possible in the planning phase of a campaign to ensure that the advertising reaches the desired target group, which is willing and able to spend the desired amount on the advertiser's products and brands.

In the 13 shopping baskets analyzed, which include food, non-alcoholic beverages, package tours, health insurance, clothing and new cars, the Swiss population in the 15-74 age group spends CHF 1,258 million per week. The study shows how high the potential shopping cart shares of the various media target groups are in the respective shopping carts.

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