Ringier Advertising with dynamic advertising solution for retail customers

With Converto's feed-based advertising technology, Ringier Advertising wants to support e-commerce customers in playing out the right content at the right time.

Feed-based advertising technology is a solution that decides on a situational basis which content is displayed in the broadcast advertising. The aim is to reach those people who are to be addressed with the right message - regardless of whether they are new or existing customers. In this way, not only the relevance of the message for the users increases, but also its visibility, Ringier Advertising informs. The effort that advertisers have to make for the implementation of the advertising medium is reduced.

Video, banner or DOOH

All data is fed into the system and compiled in Converto's feed master engine. In this part of the software, advertisers have access to all data, templates, and the look and feel of the final ad. Here they also determine which KPIs the campaign should be optimized for. The campaign is then displayed to the end consumer as a video, banner or DOOH ad.

The dynamic playout of the message is particularly exciting for e-commerce customers, but it brings advantages for advertisers from all industries.


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