Kingfluencers and Admeira launch new form of advertising

From July, brands, SMEs and startups can bring their digital influencer marketing campaigns to the TV screen. Kingfluencers is launching the so-called "Influencer TV spot" on SRF two and eight other TV channels in the Admeira portfolio. This involves bringing already produced content from TikTok or Instagram to TV.

WerbeformInfluencer marketing in Switzerland is conquering classic TV. Starting Wednesday, Kingfluencers is teaming up with TV marketer Admeira to launch a new advertising format and thus a cross-media synergy between social media and TV. With the "Influencer TV Spot", brands of any size can bring their already created social media content from Instagram or TikTok directly to Swiss TV and other TV stations.

"Influencer TV spots" consist of up to three short clips in the style of a TikTok video or a reel on Instagram. The short videos, lasting a maximum of 15 seconds, are then prepared as a TV spot and placed in the desired commercial break on SRG stations or, for example, on the French station TF1.

The first "influencer spot" runs on Wednesday and comes from Ochsner Shoes. Frank Zelger, CEO of Admeira, is pleased: "This new form of advertising optimally extends the social media campaign and, thanks to the strength of TV, generates additional reach with high purchase intent." According to Mediapulse, TV usage by people aged 15 to 29 is quite high at 108 minutes. "On our channels, advertisers like Ochsner Shoes get a perfect advertising environment also for the young target group," Zelger continues.

With closeness and authenticity can reach the TV audience

"The essence of what makes influencer marketing so effective, namely proximity, authenticity and relatability, is now being transferred to television with this premiere," says Yoeri Callebaut, co-CEO of Kingfluencers. This new form of advertising would give brands another opportunity to make all the authentic stories of their most successful influencers accessible to an even larger audience.

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