HWZ launches first degree course in media planning

In the fall of 2022, the CAS Media Planning at the HWZ will be launched, the first and only course of study in media planning with university certification in Switzerland, led by Lennart Hintz and Stefan Vogler.

Lennart Hintz (left) and Stefan Vogler will lead the new HWZ degree program.

The industry organizations IGEM, LSA, Media Focus Switzerland, SWA, the Publishers Association of Swiss Media and Wemf support this new course of study as patron partners.

"Digital media are booming and the complexity of the media landscape is growing rapidly. Today's media planning requires broad knowledge and in-depth user expertise to ensure that advertising remains efficient, targeted and effective in the future," reads the HWZ release.

"In 2021, around CHF 4.5 billion was invested in paid media. According to Juniper Research, media spending on digital advertising will almost double worldwide from USD 407 billion today to USD 753 billion in 2026," says Lennart Hintz, co-director of the CAS Media Planning HWZ course and Head EMEA at the media agency Mediacom. It is therefore of great importance that employees of both media agencies and advertising clients have excellent expertise in strategic and operational media planning. "In addition to technical skills, individual solutions, creative concepts and excellent overall media competence are required. The new CAS Media Planning at the HWZ provides the necessary tools to meet these high demands. As a provider of relevant data and tools for media planning, Wemf for Advertising Media Research supports its implementation, among other things with a sound transfer of know-how," emphasizes Marco Bernasconi, CEO Wemf.

Media planning with university certificate

"I have long wanted to see in-depth training and continuing education in the field of media planning at university level. It's never been done before, and the HWZ fills an important gap," says Roland Ehrler, Director of the SWA Swiss Association of Advertisers. Catherine Purgly, Managing Director LSA Leading Swiss Agencies, adds: "Today's market demands a wide range of skills and extensive expertise to understand and apply media planning at a high level. The LSA very much welcomes the launch of the CAS Media Planning and supports its implementation, among other things, with the participation of top-class speakers from LSA agencies."

"Training is very important to IGEM. We are strongly committed to further education opportunities for our member companies. That's why we are pleased to support high-quality training such as the first degree program for media planners with a university certificate at the HWZ. This offers in-depth further training in the field of media and directly serves the concrete promotion of young talent," emphasizes Siri Fischer, Managing Director of IGEM Interessengemeinschaft elektronische Medien.

Marianne Läderach, Head of the Media Institute of the VSM Swiss Media Publishers Association, emphasizes: "This CAS-level course of study makes a significant contribution to the urgently needed promotion of young talent and continuing education in the industry. We are pleased to be able to support its realization as a patron partner."

Other game rules 

"When it comes to developing a successful marketing strategy, the rules of the game are different today than in years past. It must adapt to changes in consumer behavior and technology - and these have been numerous and striking in recent times. Successful planners are therefore required to take into account the constant changes in the market. The new CAS Media Planning supports them in this. As a patron partner, we are very pleased to actively support the new CAS Media Planning," says Ueli Weber, CEO of Media Focus.

HWZ lecturer and co-director of the program Stefan Vogler, markenexperte.ch says that the new CAS is also open to experienced practitioners. "Admission to the new CAS Media Planning requires a university degree and two years of practice in media, media, marketing or communications. Those interested without a university degree with four years of relevant practice can also be admitted. And upon successful completion, the new CAS Media Planning HWZ can be credited toward obtaining a DAS (Diploma of Advanced Studies) or MAS (Master of Advanced Studies) Business Communications HWZ."

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