Livesystems digitizes 200 Migrolino convenience locations

Together with Migrolino, Livesystems is digitizing Migrolino convenience stores throughout Switzerland. By the end of March 2022, over 200 locations will be fully equipped.

"Livesystems' technology is designed to connect external data, for example from the POS system, in real time and play it out to the customer. If a product does not reach the sales targets, this can be supported in real time through communication. In this way, we will offer our location partners an essential sales promotion option in the future and bring supply and demand together," explains Christian Imhof, COO of the Livesystems Group.

According to Livesystems, Switzerland has the densest network of stores and service stations in all of Europe. This has positive effects both on the accessibility of the target group and on frequency. As a nice side effect, the communication around convenience locations is generally very crisis-resistant, among other things because of the long opening hours.

"Our primary goal is to perfect the shopping experience of our visitors. This includes a contemporary, digital approach," explains Tim Zwiesigk, Head of Product Management Near-/Non-Food / Services at Migrolino. "We rely on relevant information, high-quality services, an attractive range of goods and modern stores. With Livesystems, we have found the right partner for a long-term collaboration to successfully implement our strategy."

According to Livesystem, the set-up of the screens at the convenience locations would reach the target groups during waiting times. "This is just the starting shot of in-store communication directly at the point of sale," said Imhof. "We have been able to create an additional, promising touchpoint and will be able to generate significant added value for our customers. Talks are already taking place with other interested parties."

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