C Wire launches new advertising format "Story Ads

Zurich-based ad tech startup C Wire brings stories familiar from social media to websites. The launch campaign is realized together with Bank Cler and PHD Switzerland.

C Wire lanciert neues Werbeformat «Story Ads»The "Story Ad" is an intuitive advertising format for users, inspired by social media, according to C Wire. The product combines usability and interactivity in the advertising medium with the inventory of Swiss media houses.

The new format allows advertisers and agencies to use existing social media ads in news and information environments. These environments are traditionally associated with higher protection for the brand from unwanted content and a broader target audience.

According to C Wire, the underlying technology also combines full visibility and a positive user experience. The ad pauses when moved out of view and starts without sound. At the same time, the story ads offer users smooth, instinctive usability and visually appealing formats.

"There are two essential conditions when selecting the communication media and formats, taking into account the digital consumer experience for our client, Bank Cler. First, the educational aspect should contribute to a deeper understanding of the advertised investment solution. Secondly, the interactive character should underline the modern and fresh advertising presence. With the present implementation, we see a clear opportunity that pays off in terms of the communication goals," says Nannette Passberg, Managing Director at PHD Switzerland.

"We are very grateful that in Bank Cler we have found an innovative customer who immediately recognized the advantages of delivering these attention-grabbing formats in an absolutely relevant context on Switzerland's best-known media brands and actively supported an uncomplicated rollout," says Martin Garling, Sales Director at C Wire, delighted with the launch of the new offering.

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