Goldbach Manufaktur new with content & sponsoring

Goldbach Manufaktur's core business, performance-oriented marketing solutions, is being expanded to include content & sponsoring. This was announced by the subsidiary of the Goldbach Group on Thursday.

Goldbach Manufaktur
Managing Goldbach Manufaktur together: Oliver Schibli (left) and Marco Gasser.

AdManufaktur, founded two years ago, is now operating under the name Goldbach Manufaktur. Under the new co-management of Oliver Schibli and Marco Gasser, the Goldbach Group subsidiary in Switzerland offers individual, performance-oriented marketing solutions and now also 360-degree marketing of events.

Through individual solutions ranging from mono- to omni-channel to cross-media campaigns, Goldbach Manufaktur's customers would benefit from a full-service offering, according to the statement. The offer is based on the combined media and advertising platforms of the TX Group network, Goldbach Group and Neo Advertising. This includes TV, digital video and audio over 20 minutes of native advertising, as well as out-of-home and influencer marketing. This network is expected to reach 90% of Swiss consumers.

The Content & Sponsoring division was newly integrated at the beginning of the year. Under the leadership of Marco Gasser, it has been marketing 360-degree campaigns around Swiss events for about half a year. Together with Oliver Schibli, Marco Gasser is now responsible for Goldbach Manufaktur. Martin Radelfinger remains Chairman of the Board of Directors.

An experienced team

Oliver Schibli brings 30 years of experience in the digital marketing business. From 2012 to 2016, he led the digital marketplace OLX, formerly Ricardolino, as CEO and Chief Marketing Officer. As Chief Product Officer and Chief Marketing Officer from 2017 to 2019, Schibli shaped the development of with. Since then, he has built up Goldbach Manufaktur together with Carmen Viudez and positioned it on the market. Carmen Viudez, Head of Product Management, has been active in the digital business for over 20 years.

Schibli's co-managing director Marco Gasser has been managing director of the 20 Minuten Advertising marketing unit since Goldbach's reorganization within the TX Group in early 2020. Already since the foundation of 20 minutes 21 years ago, he was responsible for advertising sales at the commuter newspaper and built up the sales team there. Since summer 2021, he has been responsible for Content & Sponsoring at Goldbach.

Marco Gasser has been supported by Mirjana Elmer and Danilo Crisetig since January 2022. Mirjana Elmer moved from Goldbach Media, where she was responsible for sponsorship at RTL in Switzerland. Danilo Crisetig was formerly with Tamedia Advertising and spent the last three years in sponsorship of FC Basel.

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