Goldbach Audience wins pitch for marketing Oneplus

CH Media's new streaming service will be marketed exclusively by Goldbach Audience with immediate effect. The media company prevailed in a pitch against other applicants.


The new Swiss streaming service Oneplus has recently launched ( reported). CH Media's national TV stations, which previously had their own online offerings, will now be combined and offered centrally on Oneplus. The broadcast offering is to be consistently expanded in the process. The streaming service was launched as a so-called "freemium model," which means that both a paid subscription version and a free ad-financed version are available.

CH Media has chosen Goldbach Audience in a pitch for advertising sales of Oneplus. The streaming service is an optimal brand-safe premium environment for display or video placements, Goldbach Audience writes in a statement. The advertising formats would be selected in such a way that they would be perceived positively.

"With Oneplus, we offer advertisers the ideal opportunity to place their advertising message in high-quality environments with high advertising impact," explains Roger Elsener, Managing Director CH Media Entertainment and member of the company's Executive Board. "With Goldbach Audience, we have the perfect partner to successfully market Oneplus."

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