DOOH advertising from Neo Advertising provides fresh air in Küsnacht

Climate-friendly and sustainable advertising: OOH company Neo Advertising plans to market "CityBreeze" in Switzerland. The new product combines air purification through natural moss filters with a digital advertising space.

Neo Advertising

The first CityBreeze screen is located in front of the headquarters of the advertising marketing company Goldbach in Küsnacht. The digital advertising space with the 75-inch screen may seem like an ordinary DOOH screen at first glance, but it has an interesting - and climate-friendly - feature: The CityBreeze combines the digital advertising space with living moss and a filter technology from the Brandenburg-based startup Green City Solutions.

OOH marketer Neo Advertising, majority owned by Goldbach, plans to market the CityBreeze screens in Switzerland. A CityBreeze can clean, cool and humidify up to 1,400 cubic meters of air per hour. This is equivalent to the air breathed by 2,800 people per hour. The active moss filters can remove up to 82 percent of fine dust from the air, improving the air in the immediate vicinity.

Moss has an enormous absorption area due to its many fine, thin leaflets. The approximately two square meters of moss that grow in a CityTree correspond to an active moss area of 60 square meters, through which fine dust from the air is bound and metabolized. Moss can also bind moisture and release it in the form of evaporative cooling. This creates a refreshing effect of around 4 degrees, which is generated by the evaporation of water. This natural wonder is actively ventilated and optimally supplied by smart technology. According to Neo Advertising, the CityBreeze is thus the first digital out-of-home solution that cools its surroundings instead of heating them up.

The combination of digital outdoor advertising and fine dust filters makes sense, Neo Advertising thinks. Both information and advertising, as well as the selective increase in air quality, are placed where as many people as possible react to and benefit from them. Existing advertising locations can thus be used and sustainably upgraded by the technology with smart multiple benefits.

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