DAB Display Ads experience record high in November

In-car display advertising is on the rise. According to the DAB Network, DAB display ad playout in November 2021 is heading for an all-time high since the launch in August 2020.

DAB DisplaySince the first playout of DAB Display Ads in August 2020, the DAB Network has seen steady revenue growth, which has now culminated in the record month of November. According to the company, constant optimizations and further developments in technology and service have contributed to this. The DAB Network portfolio now includes customers such as Sunrise, Twint, Red Bull and others. It is also nice to see that the customers and their creative agencies align their subjects perfectly with the medium and the target group.

Growing reach

The medium can also record strong growth in terms of reach, as DAB Network goes on to say. In Switzerland, for example, just under 20,000 new cars were registered for road use in September 2021. The daily reach has increased by over 100,000 to approximately 500,000.

As the effects of the measures to contain the coronavirus are still being felt, even stronger growth can be expected after the crisis. The figures are collected in February each year and communicated in the spring.

DAB Network was created from the company TheIndustry. DAB Network is responsible for the development of the DAB Display Ads and holds the contracts with the individual radio stations. TheIndustry markets the company's offering.

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