Post chief Roberto Cirillo defends acquisitions

Swiss Post CEO Roberto Cirillo has defended his company's strategy. In order to ensure the basic service without subsidies, Swiss Post is dependent on additional revenue, he said. He rejected the accusation of distorting competition.

Roberto Cirillo, Group CEO of Swiss Post, defends the acquisitions Swiss Post has made in recent months.

"We don't want to buy up the whole market," Cirillo stressed Tuesday in an online backgrounder with journalists. But given the change in usage habits, he said, Swiss Post must adapt. This in order to be able to finance the basic service despite declining revenues in the letter market. But it will remain in its core markets, he said.

The background to this are several acquisitions by Swiss Post. In the past few months, for example, the Group acquired the cloud provider Tresorit, the Digital advertising platform provider "Livesystems and the administration aid "Klara". In the latter case in particular, there were accusations in the media that Swiss Post was abusing its dominant position in the market.

Advertising industry protest

There was also criticism of the acquisition of "Livesystems". The company operates advertising screens in train stations, buses and gas stations and other places with a high volume of people. This had nothing to do with Swiss Post's performance mandate, the head of the advertising company APG|SGA, Markus Ehrle, had told Tamedia newspapers in July.

Cirillo explained on Tuesday that the Post has always been active in the distribution of advertising by distributing brochures. The takeover of "Klara" is about the processing of transactions - only that, for example, the bill of a craftsman is no longer tolerated in paper form.

Every takeover is examined in advance to determine whether it complies with competition law, Cirillo stressed. So far, Swiss Post is not aware of any notifications to the Competition Commission (Comco).

According to its own estimates, Swiss Post will invest around CHF 230 million in takeovers this year. In the meantime, the federal parliament is also dealing with the issue: In the fall session, the Council of States passed two openly worded motions calling for stricter rules for takeovers by companies affiliated with the federal government. (SDA)

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