Ringier Advertising and Brand Metrics measure the brand lift of brand campaigns

Ringier Advertising has entered into a partnership with Brand Metrics. Together, they want to support Swiss advertisers in proving the achieved brand lift generated by advertising campaigns.

The algorithm uses a simple question with five answer options to provide reliable information on qualitative advertising impact. Ringier Advertising and Brand Metrics wrote this in a joint statement. The algorithm can be applied to native advertising, display advertising and commercials. Data is collected directly from publishers' websites, where selected users are asked about their attitudes toward the brand. The results are then assigned to the four KPIs brand awareness, consideration, brand preference and purchase intent, while at the same time an industry-related benchmark comparison is made.

Ringier Advertising's portfolio includes Ringier's own Swiss titles and Ringier Axel Springer Switzerland, as well as external portals such as Bluewin.ch and Le Temps. Through its collaboration with Brand Metrics, the company aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of digital advertising measures.

Through the algorithm, publishers should be able to consistently demonstrate the effectiveness of their measures based on the metrics set by advertisers. This is done by recording the brand lift and comparing it with a benchmark, regardless of the scope and cost of the campaign.

For example, in a recent campaign for L'Oréal conducted by Ringier Advertising and Brand Metrics, Brand Metrics revealed in June 2021 that a Brand Lift was achieved on all four KPIs. It was found that the skin care brand La Roche-Posay is very strongly positioned compared to other beauty brands in the Consideration and Brand Preference KPIs, which are in the middle of the brand funnel, but rather weak in Purchase Intent.

"For our customers, neither click rates nor impressions are decisive. But due to a lack of alternatives, the industry has focused on precisely these values for too long," explains Thomas Passen, Managing Director of Ringier Advertising. "Advertisers urgently need evidence that advertising is achieving their specific goals. By working with Brand Metrics, we ensure the effectiveness of brand campaigns and show how they can be improved based on individual objectives. This is valuable for consultative meetings with all of our advertising partners."

"The main goal of the last campaign was to create awareness among Swiss consumers for the La Roche-Posay brand, which is recommended by dermatologists worldwide. The results of the measurement make it clear to our brand team what needs to be done to ensure that the next campaign is even more successful," adds Frank Burkhardt, CMO at L'Oréal.

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