240 TopPharm screens new in Excom Media's portfolio

The TopPharm pharmacy group joins Excom Media's marketing platform. In addition to 120 indoor POS screens, 120 window displays are also moving into the portfolio.

Following Rotpunkt's screens, Excom Media is also taking over the sole direct marketing of around 240 POS and window screens for TopPharm pharmacies.

The 120 indoor POS screens will be incorporated into the existing healthcare portfolio, bringing the pharmacy channel to around 670 screens across Switzerland.

With the 120 window displays, Excom Media says it is breaking new ground, because these advertising screens are open not only to healthcare but also to other industries. The screens are placed at high-traffic locations and provide accurate data on effective visitor flows and ad impressions through audience measurement.

Excom Media's pharmacy advertising network continues to grow. TopPharm's pharmacy screens (POS and shop windows) are now also integrated into the DOOH platform portfolio. (Image: zVg.)
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