Swiss Post raises wages for advertising sales staff

Swiss Post is increasing wages for employees of two subsidiaries that distribute unaddressed advertising such as brochures or flyers. Employees at Epsilon and Direct Mail Company DMC will receive a five percent pay rise from 2022.

Employees will thus receive at least 18.27 francs per hour, Swiss Post announced Thursday. If all supplements such as vacations and holidays are added, the carriers will receive at least 19.86 francs per hour, according to Swiss Post.

The fixed amount is the legal minimum wage for postal services, according to the statement. However, Swiss Post is making the adjustment irrespective of legal requirements, it writes, as the delivery of unaddressed brochures and free newspapers is not considered a postal service under the Postal Act.

He said Swiss Post adjusts wages wherever cantonal guidelines allow for lower wages and where higher wages are not already being paid, such as in the canton of Geneva.

Competitors to follow suit

The Syndicom trade union sees this as a "small step in the right direction", as it writes in a statement. The wages remain low. Transfair, the public service union, also calls the wage increase "good news" and a "partial success". The unions are now focusing on negotiations for a collective labor agreement and an industry-wide labor agreement. These are important to improve the working situation of the companies' employees.

Swiss Post is also demanding that its competitors follow suit. A binding Switzerland-wide solution is needed for the entire industry. This "first step" must therefore be followed by others. The social partners must work for a solution for the entire industry.

The French-speaking Swiss company Epsilon distributes unaddressed advertising in the cantons of Geneva, Vaud and Fribourg with around 330 employees and is also active in the early delivery of subscribed newspapers and magazines in the cantons of Vaud and Geneva. DMC is active in the distribution of advertising media throughout German-speaking Switzerland and in Ticino, with around 4,200 employees.

The loss-making Epsilon is to be transferred to DMC and the other group-owned company, Presto, in 2022, the Post said in July. (SDA)

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