Sir Mary develops dynamically generated audio ads with Switzerland Tourism

Switzerland Tourism promotes the "Grand Tour of Switzerland" with the help of Sir Mary in an individualized and effective way on Spotify: Based on the real-time location data of the listeners, different spot versions are played. The audio ads focus on the song "Jackpot" by Bastian Baker.

At 1,600 km, the "GToS" is the longest road trip in the Alps and leads once through the whole of Switzerland. Due to the different starting points, a dedicated, location-dependent address is ideal for an appropriate playout. That's why Sir Mary and Switzerland Tourism rely on dynamic audio elements that allow a personalized address in real time and thus promote the different Grand Tour starting points depending on the listeners' location data.

A total of 26 different spot variants were automatically generated with the help of this targeting: Listeners who were close to a GToS route were played a spot with a location-specific address. All those who were too far away from a route heard a generic message.

The voice of the campaign is the Vaudois musician Bastian Baker, who personally invites listeners to discover the Grand Tour after playing his song "Jackpot". ( reported). For distribution, programmatic deals were used on Spotify, Soundcloud and Swiss digital radio.

The results of a brand lift study accompanying the campaign show that listeners who are addressed in a personalised way are more likely to consider travelling on the Grand Tour than those who are addressed generically. It was also found that personalised audio advertising is generally perceived positively: 65% of the study participants notice the geo-specific address and rate it more positively than the generic subject. With the first dynamic audio spots in Switzerland, Sir Mary, together with Switzerland Tourism, demonstrably increases the perception of the Grand Tour of Switzerland more positively than with a non-personalized version.

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