Goldbach launches Digital TV Network

With the Digital TV Network, Goldbach has launched a new multi-screen moving image product. Advertisers can place their ads on all of Goldbach's digital TV platforms using instream video ads and just one booking.

Digital TV Network is the name of the new product from advertising broker Goldbach. The network combines all digital TV platforms from Goldbach's portfolio. This includes sites such as, and Advertisers can now place their advertising message in the network using Instream Video Ads. This can be done as a separate booking or as an extension of an existing TV campaign - bookable as both classic and programmatic advertising.

According to Goldbach, advertising messages through Digital TV Network would reach up to 8 million unique clients and 42 million ad impressions per month. In addition, the network enables Goldbach's customers to place their message in an editorial environment. The video ads are played out over a large area and thus generate a high level of attention. The new offer is available for booking now.

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