DAB Network: Display ad network to be further expanded

Following an agreement with Neue Medien Zentralschweiz Werbe AG, the DAB Network company was able to add the radios Central, Sunshine and Eviva to the network. This increases the reach of the DAB Display Ads by 50,000 contacts in Central Switzerland.

In the course of the expansion, DAB Network has also optimised the existing offer and offers the DAB Display Ad not only on a daily and weekly basis with fixed prices, but now also on a CPM basis. The customer can now determine the budget himself and accordingly receives the service on a CPM basis.

In the newly developed live reporting, the customer can also check his campaign in real time. In addition to live reporting, a DAB homeradio with display is also provided so that customers have control over their current campaign at all times.

Other customers and political advertising

In addition to measures for clients such as McDonalds, Redbull and Samsung, The Industry - from which DAB Network emerged and which markets its offering - has already been able to implement a political campaign. The clarifications with Bakom have been positive, so that a new medium has been created for political advertising. As the DAB display ad is played out independently of radio stations and radio programmes and is offered as an OOH medium, it does not fall under the RTVA law and may therefore play out political advertising.

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